Esther: Session Seven

I have so enjoyed this study. I missed all of you who couldn’t come and pray that you’ll be back with us this Sunday. You all make my life so much more fun! Here are the answers for week seven:

Every turn-around starts with a step.

 1. stepped through; what he was to her; related

2. stepped off

3. stepped in

4. stepped up

5. Turn around scenario #7: Lord knows how; he knows how

6. Turn around scenarion #6: longs, wait; waits, wait; fame, truth

“It’s though being a woman, but trust turns it all around.” (Beth Moore)

We talked about the following quote: “great lives are never achieved by making greatness the goal” (p. 171). The following are a few verses to read and pray over: Proverbs 11:3; James 1:5-8; Matthew 5:8; 1 Chronicles 28:9; Psalm 51:10. God bless you this week!


Session Six

Here are the answers to Esther: Session Six:

The reversal of destiny also called the reversal of fortunes.

1. construction; work, wonder, chiastic structure; inverted parallelism, reversal, overarching point, chi, Greek alphabet, X, crisscross, feasts or banquets

2. instruction, subtlety, peripety; sudden turn, reverses

Scenario #7: It’s tough being a woman who feels responsible for the “how.”

“A peripeteia swiftly turns a routine sequence of events into a story worth telling.”

I hope you all are enjoying this study as much as I can. Can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Wait on the LORD

“But they who wait on the LORD will renew their strength; they will rise up with wings like eagles; they will run and not be weary; they will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:31, ESV)


I can’t seem to stop thinking about waiting on the Lord. This is something I really struggle with. I like to plan and dream out what my future will be, and God has been telling me to just live faithfully today. What a change in my mindset! How awful that I spend so much time thinking about the future that I forget to see what God is asking of me today! I’m definitely praying that God continues to change me in this area.

What do you all think about this?

I’m eager to hear your thoughts! God bless you today.

Here are the answers to Esther for session five:

Sometimes God forces the issue of time. Amazingly, other times He seems to entrust it.

1. time

2. time to wait; silent, speak; silent, speak; words sound right; taste right

3. wait, someone, else’s; right for Xerxes; right for Haman; personal weakness, self-confidence to mature

4. meantime, God-time; passion, patience.

Other verses to read about waiting: Isaiah 30:18; 40: 27-31

People who had to wait in the Bible:  Hebrews 11:11; Luke 1:5-7; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10; Mark 15:42- 16:12


Beth reminded us that we need to wait on the LORD, not the “thing” we want. I’m praying for all of us to wait on the Him this week!

God bless you!

Here are this week’s answers:

1. choice; overcome herself

2. faced the fear; fear; (fill in the blank for yourself); God; tight fist of fear; death; cower; scared to death of death; shadow of death; perilous; dying

3. took the courage

We also reviewed the following verses about God taking care of us:

Joshua 10:25; Psalm 56:3; Isaiah 43:5-7; 44:8; Jeremiah 1:8; Mark 5:35-36; Luke 12:32; 2 Timothy 1:7


God bless you!

Hey everyone! Sorry this is late, Tara has pneumonia and Ella is now throwing up. Needless to say, I’ve been a little preoccupied! Please pray for their healing.

In case you missed them, here are the answers to Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman Session Three:

  1. poor timing
  2. unreasonable expectation; Scenario #4: thrown a giant-sized weight
  3. risky identification; one, many; revelation, person, conceal
  4. unanswered question; breaking off, left unsaid, silence

We also talked about the question on page 79, “What can one woman do?”. We went to the following passages and read what they Bible says one woman do: Judges 4:1-16; Acts 16:13-15, 40; Ruth 1:16, 4:13-17.

Lastly, we are praying Deuteronomy 33:25 for the ladies in our small group.

“Safe behind iron-clad doors and gates, your strength like iron as long as you live.”

(The Message)

May God protect you and your family and give you strength that equals your days.

Esther: Session Two

It’s tough being a woman in a mean world. That’s why I’m so thankful for a great church family. Fellowship with other believers reminds us to look at the blessings in our lives and it makes the difficult things seem a little smaller.

Here are the answers from this week’s video:

  1. in a mean world
  2. meanness; history
  3. Mordecai’s box: Jew; King Saul
  4. Haman’s box: Agag; Saul’s
  5. disobeyed
  6. explanation
  7. the LORD
  8. Meanness; threat
  9. Meanness; virus; powerful; angry; wrath
  10. spirit; of Haman; within ourselves
  11. Meanness; curable

I missed all of you this week! I can’t wait to see you Sunday. God bless you!