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“This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.” (Mark 7:6-7 ESV)

I’m a nurse practitioner, so hygiene is important to me. I understand how important washing our hands is to our health. That is probably why this passage in Mark 7 intrigues me so much. God commanded the Jews to wash their hands before they ate because it kept them from getting sick. But do you see how He answers the Pharisees in verses 7-13? He reprimands them for having hearts that are not in the right place! The condition of the Pharisees’ souls was far more important to Christ than whether they got an illness because they ate with dirty hands. That really speaks to me!

Our friends, Justin and Ashley, are missionaries. They run a non-profit organization called Sparrow Missions. I pray I never forget what Justin told me on a trip to Honduras. He said, “We (speaking of he and his wife) are not a bank. We have something far more important to give than money.”Christ had something far more important to give to these people than physical health. He was interested in the eternal condition of their souls. Jesus wanted to know if they were followers of Christ, or of the law. The law couldn’t save them, but Christ could (Hebrews 10:4)! The same is true for us. The law will never save us, but Christ can!

We have such an important message to share with a lost world! Christ died for our sins. He is far more concerned about the condition of your heart than the car you drive, the job you have, or how spiritual you may appear. What is the condition of your heart today?


We love you because you first loved us. Please help us share that love with others. Show us where we are honoring you with our lips, but not with our hearts.

Further reading: 1 Samuel 15:22; 1 Sam 16:7; James 2: 10


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I can’t say anything but, “Sorry this has taken me so long”. Here are the answers for session five:

What; good; is; it; good; life

1. Saves; ourselves; willing; to; yield

2. Track; yielding; yielded; up; to; send; forth; above; fear; below

3. Full; mercy; depression; responsibility; good; day; religious; cover; failure; act

4. Full; good; fruit; an; end; a; blessing; germ; next; seed


Here are the answers for session six:

Traded; joys; highs; world; decides; take; seriously; means; nothing; arrogant; our; sin; ridiculing; hilarious; cynicism; cynical

1. Changing; lives

2. People; thing; world

3.  Study; Scripture; ravenous

4. Barriers; breaking; down

5. Kick; tail


Here are the answers for session seven:

Between; rains

1. Beauty; process

2. Acknowledge; faithfulness; early; later; rains; faithfulness; Lord

3. Caustic; undercurrent; unexpressed; smothered; groan; sigh

4. Ignite; stories; others; model; count; blessed; who; have; endured

5. Much; at; stake; just; like; us; feeling; passion; nature


Joy to you this week! You are doing so great, hang in there!


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